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Pharmacy Technician - Mason, Ohio 11-11

Position Description


Job Title:                               Pharmacy Technician

Department:                         Pharmacy

Reports To:                           Manager of Pharmacy Technicians
Location:                               Mason, Ohio



Summary:  The Pharmacy Technician is responsible for the day-to-day tasks necessary to ensure accurate and timely delivery of medications to the end-user in long-term care, hospice, and home care settings.


Qualifications:  Success is based on the performance of the essential duties and responsibilities.  Candidates shall also possess the following educational and/or work experience.


Education/Work Experience:

·         High school graduate or equivalent preferred.

·         Prior pharmacy experience desirable.

·         National Pharmacy Technician Certification required. 

·         Candidates whom are already employed by Skilled Care Pharmacy will be considered for this position based on performance of their current assignment.


Other Qualifications:

·         Good manual dexterity with the ability to measure minute quantities of liquids using syringes.

·         Good organizational and time-management skills

·         Ability to fill orders within an established time frame

This job is not currently accepting applications!